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Let's experience something new together!

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What's LIT Ave?

LIT Ave, or simply LIT, is the world's first Social Video Walkie-Talkie app!

Designed to bring real-life conversations with friends back online, LIT allows you to share small-frame, casual video messages with your friends in a very unique way.

Based on the idea of walkie-talkie, LIT allows you and your friends to quickly record & send video messages one-after-another to keep conversations happening.

LIT is the newest, and the hottest way to experience how social conversations with your friends should be!

What's our story?

We started LIT, because we seriously got tired and annoyed by social-feeds that were anything but social.

Instead of having fun conversations with friends, family, and people we cared about, we got posts after posts of things we didn't care about at all.

That initial feeling of being on a social network to see what friends were up to, was all gone - replaced by social media.

We thought, this isn't "Social".

So, we started LIT - with the mission to bring Social back into Social Networking!

Social is no longer what it used to be, so we asked ourselves, "What does it mean to be Social? What should it look like when we combine social and tech online in an app?"

Because the true purpose of a Social Network is supposed to connect people, and bring friends, family, and people closer, we made LIT exactly that - a tool to have fun, little conversations with friends!

We don't have sharing features,
We don't have repost,
We don't have counts of how many times your video was viewed.

Why? Because these things don't matter between friends - only thing matters between friends is conversations that are meant to keep you "friends".

LIT is a Social Video Walkie-Talkie where you can carry out small 10s conversations back-and-forth with your friends in a unique way!

Check it out!

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How to get started:
+ Sign up, and add your friends to automatically create private one-to-one rooms or private group rooms.
+ Quickly record & send walkie-talkie videos in rooms to your friends one-after-another.
+ Have fun!